Join our team! If you would like to pursue an internship with us, please email [email protected] for specifics about how to apply. You do not have to be living in NYC to participate in our 2023–24 initiatives.

“A perfect introduction into the world of publishing/literary non-profit work. The entire staff is incredibly friendly. It was a great experience, and I would highly recommend to anyone trying to get their bearings in the literary world.”
Ayla Jeddy, sophomore studying English at Yale University

During the pandemic, House of SpeakEasy has offered a range of opportunities for undergraduates from across the country to acquire professional skills in a virtual setting, often for class credit and/or with travel stipends. Interns living in NYC are invited to participate in outdoor events and bookmobile outings.

We are excited to hear from candidates who are:

    •     Enthusiastic and engaged, highly organized & detail-oriented
    •     Passionate about books, reading, literacy & the publishing industry
    •     Interested in elevating writers and promoting literature
    •     Able to demonstrate initiative and work independently
    •     Looking to develop new skills such as web design, copy editing, social media, grant writing, and donor management

Opportunities & projects include:

    •     On-the-ground training in editorial, publicity, nonprofit management
    •     Direct access to senior staff; work in close proximity to publishing professionals
    •     Invitations to professional development speaker series featuring guest editors, agents, and publishers
    •     Professional reference for future employment at the successful conclusion of the internship

“Working at House of SpeakEasy was an extremely gratifying and eye-opening experience. I felt that I was always contributing to SpeakEasy’s mission in the projects that I worked on, from helping out with the social media pages to brainstorming ideas for the different programs.”   
Cynthia Lin, 2020 sophomore studying Comparative Literature and Statistics & Data Science, Yale University

Career Development

“I am incredibly grateful for SpeakEasy’s positive work environment, especially as this was a virtual position, and it was my first internship. I felt welcomed and encouraged to communicate with the team and generate ideas of my own, both of which are important skills for any professional position.”   Elizabeth Kenney, 2021 freshman studying history and literature at Bennington College

“The Brown Bag Lunch Series was one of my favorite parts of the internship because it gave me an insider’s look on different career paths and made me think about what I could do on my own journey. The fellow interns were funny, dedicated, and easy to talk to, so overall I just had a lot of fun! And ALL of this was on Zoom — that’s impressive!”    Amanda Thomas, 2020 senior pursuing a B.A. in English at Yale University


“My favorite part of my internship was getting to highlight the work SpeakEasy was doing for New York students. One of my big projects was developing a portion of the site to publish student poetry that has been written in a SpeakEasy workshop. I could tell how much pride the students took in their work and I was grateful to have an opportunity to put some shine on them at the beginning of their writing journeys.”   Camara Aaron, 2020 senior studying Film & Media Studies at Yale University

“I learned how to efficiently communicate with coworkers, as well as with supervisors (important lesson: if you have questions, ask them! Your supervisors are there to help, not to judge.)”   Andrew Tachman, 2020 junior studying Creative Writing at Bennington College​

Below is a testimonial from an intern who joined us just prior to shelter-in-place orders in March 2020. Natalie worked with us virtually through May 2020, and then, a year later, she joined our staff as our new Communications Coordinator:

“After completing my studies, I was undecided as to what kind of job opportunities I wanted to pursue. I knew I wanted hands-on experience at a place whose values and mission I resonated with. Interning for House of SpeakEasy proved to be that exact place. I learned and explored the intricacies of nonprofit work through various administrative tasks and had the ability to work independently and creatively on several projects such as: implementing social media campaigns, enhancing digital platforms, and creating a system for transcribing and filing school events and live programs. My experience was unique because working with staff in person was cut short due to COVID-19, but there was always constant communication and an abundance of empathy and compassion. I am appreciative of my time at SpeakEasy as it provided me with the connections and skills necessary to succeed in other professional positions.”
Natalie Aguilar, graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a B.A. in Communications and Latin American Studies

Join our team! If you would like to pursue an internship with us, please email [email protected] for specifics about how to apply. You do not have to be living in NYC to participate in our 2023–24 initiatives.

Above: The staff of House of SpeakEasy, interns, and volunteers gathered on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza for the The Small Press Flea, August 14, 2021.