Student Work

From a SpeakTogether virtual workshop, University Heights High School, The Bronx, Fall 2020

This poem was composed during a six-week workshop conducted by poet Jubi Arriola-Headley, who introduced a class of 9th-grade students to myriad forms of poetry that exist. This workshop took place virtually during a global pandemic. Read more about the works in this collection, which demonstrates students’ efforts to find their voices and share them with their peers, teachers, and families.


by Angie

I may seem like an innocent pet.
I like to annoy my owner.
I love going to the park.
I bark at my owner when I don’t have food.
I love to eat treats.
I love to be lazy sometimes.
I get excited when I see my owner.
I love to meet other furries like me.
I wag my tail when I am happy.
I am a sneaky animal.

Angie is a student at University Heights High School in The Bronx.

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