Student Work

From a SpeakTogether virtual workshop, Talent Unlimited High School, Spring 2020

This poem was composed during a six-week session conducted by author and spoken word artist Sheri Booker, who worked with a class of 10th-grade students to develop their voices. This workshop took place during a global pandemic, a national lockdown, and uprisings across the country to end police brutality and structural racism. Read more about the works in this collection, which are artifacts of this period and a true testament to the vision, creativity, and resilience of these students.

Listen to a recording of the following poem above. 

Final Poem

by Chiara Manuguerra

I come from a generation where Hannah Montana, Drake and Josh, iCarly, and Victorious caused me to spend hours of my life glued to the tv.

The worst memories I had in my childhood were dying in Mario Kart or when my backyard watermelon did not grow.

I come from my old phases of Duck Tape, Rainbow Loom, Video Star, Minions, One Direction, and Justice Clothes. I come from old childhood memories with my Best Friends and our crazy lives.

I come from a family that shares the same love of the Christmas season and fuzzy pajamas.

I come from a small family that protects and spoils me throughout my life.

My family has supported me even at my craziest moments in my life. I believe I am who I am today because of my past.

Chiara Manuguerra was a sophomore at Talented Unlimited High School in NYC at the time of this recording.

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