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Seriously Questioning…Joselin Linder

Joselin Linder is a regular contributor to the New York Post, whose work has also been featured on “This American Life” and “Morning Edition.” She spoke at the TEDX GOWANUS event in Brooklyn in 2014, presenting for the first time on the subject of her family gene and the deadly illness to which it leads. Exclusive to just fourteen people, the story of the gene is the basis of her book, The Family Gene. Joselin is speaking at House of SpeakEasy’s Seriously Entertaining show on March 20th, themed A Matter of Time, alongside Duncan Hannah, Stefan Merrill Block, and David Enrich. We spoke to Joselin ahead of the show… What is your earliest memory involving reading or writing? I remember staying in from recess one day in kindergarten and my teacher asking me to read to her from a reader. For the first time, I read a story out loud by myself and unlocked words! What is your favorite line from your current work? “The worse, it turns out, is always the thing you feel before the worst happens.” What is your favorite first line of a novel? “Serene was a word you could put to Brooklyn, New York.” –A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or […]
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