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“How About Never – Is Never Good For You?” Bob Mankoff on the Joy of Cartoons

If you don’t know Bob Mankoff, reading his memoir, How About Never — Is Never Good For You?: My Life in Cartoons (Henry Holt, 2014), will be a glorious case of friends-at-first-sight. That’s his cheery cartoon self beaming out from the front cover there, and he’s welcoming you to the wittiest party in town: the world of the New Yorker‘s cartoon department. Inside, there’s space for aspiring cartoonists to add their name to the list of dedicatees (a roll-call of every artist ever published in the magazine), while the flap copy promises “732 FOOLPROOF SECRETS TO WINNING THE NEW YORKER CAPTION CONTEST!” It’d be crazy to forgo such hospitality. And as a cartoonist who’s overseen the publication of fourteen thousand New Yorker cartoons — and contributed more than nine hundred — Mankoff is very well placed to show us what he calls “the soup-to-nuts process of cartoon creation, selection, editing, and publishing”. Although billed as a memoir, How About Never is as much a tribute to the art and practitioners of cartooning, and Mankoff devotes generous space to the words and pictures of his colleagues. Raised in the Bronx and Queens, Bob is the son of Mollie and Lou Mankoff, who sound a bit like a nicer version […]
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