“I have been an ardent member of SpeakEasy ever since it began. I look forward to every show, and they are always interesting and thought-provoking. The speakers often move me to tears with their performances, which are as diverse as they are fascinating.”
— Griff Fairbairn, Sustaining Member since 2014

House of SpeakEasy wants to be your house, the place where you can connect with the literary arts, and help others to do the same. Since March, we have been delivering our shows and school programs to the comfort of your homes and the homes of students participating in our outreach initiatives for free. This has allowed us to reach an even greater audience, further fulfilling our mission of connecting writers and readers nationwide. However, due to COVID-19, we’ve lost essential ticketing revenue we relied on to sustain our programming in schools and communities. To help, we are excited to offer a new membership level this summer, “Virtual Member,” and you are cordially invited to join our community of supporters this fall.

Join Today!

Become a member and you will receive perks like complimentary access to all shows, premium content, special invitations, signed books, free totes, and more. As a SpeakEasy member, your contribution is even more vital today. Your membership fees make it possible for us to connect authors to New York City high school students (now virtually!), ensure that they receive free copies of authors’ books, and help provide some solace by allowing them to share their own stories during a difficult time. With new digital platforms at our disposal, we are also building bridges to communities around the country where literary programs are in short supply.

$250 Sustaining Membership, benefits include:

  • 20% member’s discount on Seriously Entertaining tickets
  • Advance notification of all programs and post-show receptions
  • Invitations to exclusive events and private author engagements
  • House of SpeakEasy tote bag

$125 Contributing Membership, benefits include:

  • 10% member’s discount on Seriously Entertaining tickets
  • Advance notification of all programs and post-show receptions
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • House of SpeakEasy tote bag

$60 Virtual Supporter, benefits include:

  • Advance notification of all Crowdcast performances
  • Automatic free registration for all virtual shows for the upcoming season of Seriously Entertaining
  • Early-bird access to new podcast episodes (season #2 launches late fall 2020)
  • Invitations to join post-show Zoom room receptions
  • House of SpeakEasy tote bag

About Seriously Involved

House of SpeakEasy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that celebrates the transformative power of literature. Seriously Involved is SpeakEasy’s outreach initiative serving students and readers in underserved communities. We send writers into high schools and after-school programs in Brooklyn, The Bronx, and East Harlem to work with students on their writing, public speaking, and critical thinking skills to help level the playing field for those hoping to go onto college. The SpeakEasy Bookmobile delivers books to readers in areas where bookstores are in short supply in New York City and across the country. Please consider supporting these initiatives by making a donation to the SpeakEasy Foundation.

All donations and membership fees are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable.